Vision of Jeonju-Administrative Goals

Administrative Goal(Slogan) - implication

By changing the paradigm from 'Growth-centered, Development-centered' to 'people-oriented, Human-centered', make the city that no one is discriminated from their rights nor excluded from the welfare, consider disadvantaged citizens, and realize hopes and pride to Jeonju citizens by making an elegant city with the scent and charm of culture and art.

Administrative Policies

City of Everyone’s Welfare
Make a city that no one is discriminated or alienated from welfare service by guaranteeing basic welfare strongly and delicately, so that people can be happy and relaxed by living in Jeonju.
City of Vibrant Jobs
Based on the cultural assets and diversity of Jeonju, make creative future industry and sustainable jobs to realize Jeonju-style independent, substantial economy where people are respected in workplace and people find energy in life.
City of Elegant Culture
Based on the long history and rich cultural resources, upgrade Jeonju and Jeonju’s reputation as the most Korean styled global city, and provide every citizen an elegant life.
City of Sustainable Ecology
When carrying out policies, by changing the main consideration from possessing to sharing, from indiscriminate development to co-existence with the nature, from car-centered or building-centered to happiness-centered, build an independent city safe from energy crisis and climate change, make green city with high quality of life, and realize the value of fresh and rich ecological city.