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jeonju hanok village

The alleyways tour the Korean-style house bad luck(English)

  • hours of operation everyday 15:00
  • Required time 1 hour
  • Place of meeting The Gyeonggijeon gate
  • the course explanation: The Gyeonggijeon gate- The Choimyeonghui-Ro-Eunhaeng-Ro-, in 600, the ginkgo-the ginkgo bed log-the Hanji-Gil-the multiplication slag bed log-the Hanji-Gil- one the Support bed log-the Omokdae Tourist Information
  • The tour course can be changed according to the commentator discretion.

The Gyeonggijeon comment tour (English)

  • hours of operation everyday 14:00, 15:00
  • Required time 50 minutes
  • Place of meeting The Gyeonggijeon red gate with spiked top (the position it sells tickets)
  • the course explanation: Red gate with spiked top- The maternal three farthings-Sammoon Na-progress (Portrait of a king)-Jeonju History Archives-Yaechong Jongmyo Shrine ratio