Hanbang : Oriental Medicine

Center of oriental Medicine culture business

Based on the great culinary and moral culture, the 1500-year-old city Jeonju is abundant with traditional cultural assets and has been succeeded the tradition of oriental medical culture, which pursues the perfection of both mind and body, through Jeonju Yakryeong-si, one of the three major Yakryeong-si of Joseon Dynasty.

Currently, Jeonju is working on a business that expands the Jeonju Medicine City's history by creating Hanbang(oriental medicine) medically as well as a cultural space for the modern culture which can be described as the aging society, health-oriented society, well-being society.

To achieve this goal, fostering Hanbang specialists is the most important task; Jeonju-si, from long time ago, has its strength in rich manpower, talented medical team and research team produced by Wonkwang and Woosuk University oriental medical college.
Therefore supply of tradition and professional workforce through Jeonju Yakryeongsi, abundant source of traditional culture, local residents' strong wills combined together to develop the traditional oriental medicine system to the future oriental medical industry in Jeonju.

Moreover, the systematic effort making Jeonju into the center of the Oriental Medicine cultural industry based on the abundant Oriental Medicine culture resources was already under progress from long time ago. The Jeonju Yakryeongsi was revived in order to recover the historicity of the Jeonju Yakryeongsi in 1999. opended a place where people can experience both traditional culture of the Jeonju and Hanbang culture simultaneously by building the oriental medicinal culture center within the Jeonju Hanok Village, which integrate the traditional culture of the community and runing, was set up.

The oriental medicinal culture center is the only oriental medicine museum in Korea where displays, educates, and experiences oriental medicine and pharmacy connecting with the traditional living culture.

You can also learn the principle of oriental medicine through the classification of four constitution, diagnosis, health age measurement, oriental medicine principle of treatment, oriental medicine bio experience of goods, etc.